I believe that public transit is a core and critical service to any city. It is also important that the service be responsive to the needs of its citizens. I have heard concerns from Ward 7 residents about the need for a responsive and timely bus system; which I support.

I think it is important that we do a ‘gut’ check before pushing ahead with this project. We need to ask ourselves if this approach is viable and affordable given ridership trends as well as our changing environment due to COVID-19. In addition, the total cost is still unknown but what we do know is that meg-projects typically cost significantly more than estimated.

I am also surprised that in discussing the BRT no one seems to be talking about the newly introduced “on-demand” system that is being trialed in parts of Saskatoon. A system that has been shown to work in other Canadian cities. Could this be a more practical solution that allows for timely and responsive bus service without putting significant burden on taxpayers?