A message from Jim

Let’s be honest: on a lot of recent decisions, City Hall has been out of touch. We need to break the council deadlock and get back to what matters: efficient and safe delivery of the services we all count on while ensuring that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely. When it comes to pandemic recovery, residents of Ward 7 need a representative that knows their concerns and has their backs.

Standing up for small business

Job creators are facing a lot of uncertainty. If elected, I will ensure that their concerns are heard, and that City Hall isn’t imposing needless red tape and barriers. Let’s make Saskatoon open for business again with a timely but safe re-opening.

Support for frontlines

Every day, Ward 7 residents count on key services like police, fire, and other first responders to be there when they need them. I will fight to ensure that these services have what they need.


Jim Rhode Expands on Platform – Oct. 20, 2020

Jim Rhode Expands on Platform – Oct. 20, 2020

 MEET JIM  ✓ A business leader and proud local employer  President of Davis Machine Co., a local manufacturing and machine shop around for over 100 years.  ✓ A community volunteer  Past chair of Saskatoon Regional Health Authority and 3sHealth, and board member of...

Reduce waste and support core services

After nearly 30+ years in business, I know that wasteful decisions have consequences. We can’t pass the buck. I will ask the tough questions needed about programs and spending to ensure that taxpayer dollars go where taxpayers expect them: core services.

supporting mental health and addiction services

We’ve made a lot of progress in recognizing the importance of mental health and addiction services. I believe municipal government has a role in addressing these issues. If elected, I will work toward greater cooperation with health authorities on these important matters.

In it for you

I don’t care who you vote for provincially, whether you’re new to Saskatoon or a lifelong resident – if you have concerns with your municipal government, I want to make sure you’re heard. That’s the Saskatoon spirit.