Community focused. Business minded.

SASKATOON, SK (September 16, 2020) – Lifelong Saskatoon resident, business owner, community volunteer, and family man Jim Rhode is today announcing his municipal candidacy, looking to earn the trust and confidence of voters in Ward 7 for the November 9 municipal election.

In a statement, Jim outlined his reasons for putting his name forward:

“I have always been proud to call Saskatoon home. I raised my children here, volunteer here and am a proud employer in our community. While I’ve worked in business my whole life, community service is who I am.

“Every day, I hear from friends, neighbours and those I work with, talk about how uncertain the future is. Since the pandemic, many don’t quite know what the future holds. Parents and families are concerned about keeping their loved ones safe as we continue to reopen, while many employers and small business owners aren’t sure if they have the supports they need.

“Residents need help from our local government and let’s be honest: on a lot of recent decisions, many people at City Hall have been out of touch, going around in circles and wasting time on issues that do nothing to help our economy or keep us safe. We need to get back to what matters: making sure that services we all count on are delivered while ensuring that our tax dollars are not wasted. When it comes to pandemic recovery, Ward 7 needs someone that knows their concerns and has their backs.

“Whether you’re new to Saskatoon or a lifelong resident, I want to make sure your voice is heard at City Hall. That’s the Saskatoon spirit.

“To the residents in Ward 7, I’m in it for you.”

Jim is looking forward to connecting with Ward 7 residents, businesses and families in person and online to hear how he can best serve Saskatoon as city councillor.


Media inquiries

Name: Bonnie Blakley
Phone: (306) 229-5915
Email: contact@Jim-Rhode.ca

BACKGROUNDER – Jim Rhode Biography

Jim Rhode is a lifelong Saskatoon resident, business owner, community volunteer and family man.

Family and community are at the core of who Jim is. Together, he and his partner Bonnie have raised seven children right here in Saskatoon. 

Jim is the President of Davis Machine Co., a custom manufacturer, machine and welding shop that has been in Saskatoon for more than 100 years. Jim has been with the company for nearly 40 years and is a proud local employer in Saskatoon. He is also the co-founder of Lead 2 Lean Solutions Inc., a management coaching practice.

In 2007, Jim was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. The incident further instilled in Jim the importance of community and ensuring that the services we count on are available. He has committed to serving on numerous volunteer boards in our health care system since to help support their cause.

Jim served as Chair of both the Saskatoon Regional Health Authority and 3sHealth as well as board member of eHealth Saskatchewan. In these roles he provided strong governance support to leadership teams in challenging times including the decision of, site selection for and construction commencement of the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital.

As a 20-year member and Past President of the Canadian Progress Club Saskatoon Downtown, Jim has given much of his time and resources in helping others. As part of the club he is proud of the work that has been done to ensure successful Care & Share Programs to provide bikes and hot Holiday lunches to inner city school children across the city. During his time the club has been key to the establishment of Farm in the Dell supporting adults with developmental disabilities; continued success of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Saskatoon; and strong supporter of Special Olympic Athletes. Among several other roles, Jim also served as Board Member and Committee Chair for the Royal University Hospital Foundation, raising funds for our province’s primary trauma and treatment hospital; as well as a key member of the Future in Mind Campaign responsible for funding and build of The Irene & Leslie Dubé Centre for Mental Health.

Jim hopes to continue serving his community by ensuring that the concerns of local residents are heard at City Hall. After much thought and reflection, on September 16, 2020 he announced his candidacy to represent Ward 7, in Saskatoon’s municipal election, where he and Bonnie live.